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Despite its popularity, the book caused her personal troubles.

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And I was addressing it at them. Friedan insisted that women should have a voice in the political process.

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Later, she worked as a journalist for leftist publications and assignments. The society was established to help writers, journalists, authors and freelance writers in their efforts, and to reward those who made exceptional contributions in the field of writing. Find a Grave. Through these organizations, Friedan was influential in changing outdated laws such as unfair hiring practices, gender pay inequality, and pregnancy discrimination. She demanded child care programs, parental leave and flexible work hours, and insisted that she was not for abortion, but for the choice to have children. These are just a few of the remarkable accomplishments that historians not Senate's rejection of President Richard M.

The union gave her no help in fighting this firing, and so she became a housewife and mother, living in the suburbs. Her parents were immigrant Jews. Friedan died on February 4,in Washington, D.

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Later Works and Death Seeking to help women wrestle with the demands of work both inside and outside of the home, Friedan published The Second Stagein which she presents a more moderate feminist position from her earlier work. Career and Works Bettye Goldstein graduated in from Smith College with a degree in psychology and, after a year of graduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, settled in New York City.

Friedan had three children—in, and —continuing to work throughout.

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She continued to work after marriage, first as a paid employee and, after , as a freelance journalist. Some people say that I have mellowed some. For Friedan, lesbianism was not a women's rights or equality issue but a matter of private life, and she warned the issue might diminish support for women's rights, using the term "lavender menace. Today, Friedan is remembered as one of the leading voices of the women's rights movement of the 20th century. She worked at various jobs until , when she married Carl Friedan divorced Also divisive in the s among women was the Equal Rights Amendment , which NOW fully endorsed; by the s, women and labor unions opposed to ERA warmed up to it and began to support it fully. Find a Grave. Friedan continued working after her first child was born in and received maternity leave, but she was forced to leave her job during her second pregnancy in
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