A character analysis of maria in james joyces short story clay

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On the other hand, it has to make Joe realize that the way the past shows up in the present—with Maria forgetting the verse of a song and losing her plumcake and traveling a long way to visit him—is not really the way he hoped things would be.

She is going over to Joe's to enjoy an evening of fun and singing with Joe and his family.

What makes you cringe? This striving for perfection is going to unravel itself throughout the story. But finally an older gentleman lets her have his seat. However, Maria makes a mistake and ends up singing the first verse of the song twice, omitting the second verse. Hallow Eve games referring here to a game in which players are led blindfolded to a table where saucers have been arranged: One holds a prayerbook, one a ring, one some water, and the fourth some clay. Most of the stories have a much harder edge. Poverty, as before, is a theme.

She distributes the sweets to the children, but when she goes to present to plum cake to Joe and his wife, she cannot find the package. Joe and Maria sit by the fire.

In her little bedroom, she gets dressed. That does not mean, however, that her story isn't a difficult tale of paralysis and sadness. She has no opinion on her own face, but the narrator makes a point of mentioning her very long nose and very long chin. It's a chilling scene, and it sort of shows how Mary—and the Catholic faith in general—is the way that many people try to relieve their suffering and don't get very far in doing it. She said they were all very good to her. There are several instances in the story which suggest conflict, notably external conflict. Donnelly also tries to put in a word in favor of reconciliation, but this nearly starts a fight until Joe calms himself and insists on dropping the subject. Joe is visibly moved to tears and, to cover up his reaction, asks his wife where the corkscrew is. The children then trick her into picking the clay during a divination game — the clay which symbolizes an early death. For the children, she buys some penny cakes at Downe's. Donnelly said Maria would enter a convent before the year was out because she had got the prayer-book. The divination game that Maria plays in the story is also important. But on the other hand, who are we to judge? When he asks her to sing, she chooses a song about a dream of wealth and desire: "I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls" and "that you loved me still the same" Clay. Throughout Clay each minute and insignificant fumbling and mistake cuts through Maria — she may seem whole and peaceful from afar, but to look closely is to notice just how cut up Maria truly is.

Are these essay examples edited? In the game, clay symbolises death, but it is clear that one of the daughters has deliberately rigged the game so that Maria will touch the clay rather than the ring, which prognosticates marriage.

Minor Characters The gentleman makes room for Maria to sit down on the Drumcondra tram, the one that takes her to Joe's house.

A character analysis of maria in james joyces short story clay
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A Character Analysis of Maria in James Joyce's Short Story Clay