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Retrieved May 8, Rosasharn cannot find Connie, and Al reveals that he saw him walking south along the river—he Rose of Sharon doesn't know what she'll do without him, and suddenly realizes the weight and responsibility that a new baby brings.

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It's time to bring your contents to life. Heinz, M. Meanwhile, Rosasharn agrees to come to the dance with Ma, but on the condition that she can She worries about seeing the dog run over, fearing it will harm the fetus. Uncle John, however, told her that she had probably eaten too much and the pain was a result of indigestion. Sadly, Connie deserts her, for he lacks the physical and moral capacity to continue the difficulties endured by the Joad family. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. Ma warns him that Casy had to sacrifice his life; Tom says it does not matter. While the family encounters obstacle after obstacle, Rose of Sharon can't seem to shake her self-centered perspective of the world. His function in the novel is to act as the mouthpiece of the proletarian message and to provide a juxtaposition to the Joads. He feels responsible for the Hudson that the Joads buy and tells Tom it is part of his soul. Elizabeth: Mothers of the Great Depression. Sandry, a religious fanatic that warns her about the dangers of dancing, singing, and play acting that go on at the camp.

Rosasharn shivers violently and complains of feeling ill, and the family rushes to make her comfortable. Tom Joad Tom Joad is the protagonist of the novel and the narrative action chronicles his development from a self-absorbed egoism to a concern about humanity at large.

Other people stay immature longer and are forced to grow up rapidly because of the situations that come upon them.

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She goes into labor soon after this and gives birth to a stillborn child because of malnutrition and extreme exhaustion. When his guilt become too great, he relieves himself through drinking and sex. To save the old man from death, Rosasharn does something both brave and selfless, and has the old man suckles the milk that would have otherwise gone to her dead baby.

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Costa, Thiago Rodrigues. Sobel, Ben. Rosasharn looks after her, and is distressed, but Ma Joad explains that birth and death are

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Rose of Sharon Rivers in The Grapes of Wrath