An analysis of juror 8 in the play 12 angry men by reginald rose

And if you think he's guilty, then vote that way, or don't you have the guts to do what you think is right? And so to make a choice is often so difficult.

In this sense, it is a very efficient and economical way to introduce the play.

juror 8 key quotes

When deliberations resume, 8th Juror attempts to break apart the testimony of the arresting police officer that the defendant was unable to name the movies that he had claimed to have seen that evening. The play was so alive and made me really feel like I was in the jury. Also, they are able to turn the fan on, cooling off the room.

I don't envy your job. Most helpful essay resource ever! As well as being an entertaining book it is also an informative book. Going into the trial, O. Here are a few questions to discuss and debate: Which characters base their decisions on prejudice?

What's interesting is that the possibility remains throughout the entirety of the play that the accused really did kill his father. If this is a reasonable doubt - then you must bring me a verdict of "not guilty.

How come I'm the only one who sees? It introduces a secondary dialogue in the play, in which the audience plays juror for the accused and for the Jurors on stage.

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12 Angry Men Quotes and Analysis