An analysis of the arab league

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Many mideast experts say the Arab League is likely to improve little on its record of collective action until members agree to sacrifice some sovereignty and comply with resolutions.

Still, policies toward the Jewish nation did not develop uniformly. Third, and concomitantly, it behooves the Arab states to allow some transparency in their decision-making on matters that affect collective Arab action and inter-Arab relations.

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Here there existed a desire for revenge coupled with the fear of Israeli military might and possible future expansion. The upcoming meeting in Amman will confront the same conditions faced by other meetings sincewith the added complications of a Russian hegemony over Syria, a revitalized Syrian regime, and an entrenched Iranian role in Damascus and surrounding lands.

Modern pan-Arabism, or Arab nationalism, arose in opposition to Ottoman rule and nineteenth-century attempts to impose the Turkic language and culture on Arab subjects.

Problems in the arab league

Members also tend to agree on policy such as support for Palestinians who are under Israeli occupation. Israel is under no obligation to withdraw before the Arabs agree to live in peace. The Arabs were no more willing to compromise in , however, than they had been in The solution to the problem, like all previous refugee problems, would require at least some Palestinians to be resettled in Arab lands. Incidentally, the resolution does not say that one comes before the other, rather, they are equal principles. The Upcoming Round of the Summit As the previous rundown makes clear, the social and political troubles in the Arab world will likely obviate the possibility of an Arab League with an EU-like integrationist structure, one that could help it halt the downward spiral that has characterized its run since Those who did attend traded barbs during their speeches, dashing an opportunity to foster closer between Iraq and its Sunni-majority neighbors. Also, it is important to note that Resolution says nothing about the Palestinians and the reference to refugees can also be applied to the Jews who fled and were driven from their homes in Arab countries. In a interview with CFR, Shadi Hamid of the Brookings Institution said, "Here is someone who is more in tune with Arab public opinion, who is respected among Arab activists, protestors, and members of the opposition.

The brief political union of Egypt and Syria, known as the United Arab Republic, fell apart after only three years Inter-Arab antagonisms, the strategic implications of Mideast oil, and a U. The refugee issue was not part of Abdullah's original proposal and was added at the summit under pressure from other delegations.

An analysis of the arab league

This arms race culminated in the Six-Day Wara defeat for Arab armies that included the Israeli occupation of the remnants of Arab Palestine.

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