An analysis of the operation condor a campaign of political repression and state terror

Inhe said to the Brazilian press: All the Uruguayans kidnapped abroad, around people, are missing to this day.

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President Bill Clinton ordered the declassification of thousands of State Department documents related to U. The manual described three categories of psychological operations psyops or psywar methods: natural, technical, and hidden or secret.

It should be noted the complete agreement of the authorities of the United States either the Federal Reserve or the American administrationwith this policy of indebtedness.

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In Aprilthe Madres de la Plaza de Mayoa group of mothers whose children had disappeared, started demonstrating each Thursday in front of the Casa Rosada on the plaza. While Peru had no representatives at the secret November meeting in Santiago de Chile, there is evidence of its involvement.

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In late or earlythe Latin American militaries—again with significant covert assistance from the U. Army had coined the term psychological operations in its Field Manual of the same name, although they were employed in World War II in a top-secret capacity.

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Operation Condor