An evaluation of les miserables a musical drama film by tom hooper

les miserables musical

For those familiar with operatic works, it gave the effect of recitativo singing even in more lyric sections. And he should have known that a criminal with a sack of stolen silver doesn't get far.

Redmayne giving it their all, complete with quavering chins and straining tendons. Nearly 20 years he spent in near slavery—five for simply stealing a loaf of bread to feed a starving child, another 14 for trying to escape his too-cruel bonds.

Later, when another man is falsely accused of being him, Valjean presents himself before the court to admit his guilt and vindicate the put-upon prisoner even though that means he'll likely be arrested. Anne Hathaway as Fantine While Hathaway has been rightly singled out, the entire cast is a joy: even Crowe, who generally lands within spitting distance of the note he is aiming at.

Not only was her vibrato incredibly fast a telltale sign of an unnaturally high larynx and a dangerous vocal techniquebut the digital sound of the Autotune required to fix nearly every high note in the piece was unacceptable.

This recording is then played on set, while filming occurs. Stay up to date on new reviews. And then there is Redmayne, who swoops on screen in a flash of lips and cheekbones and breaks every heart in the cinema. Actors must adjust their acting based on their vocal choices which possibly occurred months prior, before any filming.

In the end, it felt like each one was taking their turn for their big moment, and became less and less effective as the piece went on. But for other "more-actor-than-singer" performers in the cast it made things challenging. But ultimately, Les Miserables is about the redemptive power of love and faith, and there are many moments of hope and beauty amid the miserable ones.

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Movie Review: “Les Misérables”