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She wrote to Harper on January 3,in answer to a question about the true first edition: "I incline to the belief that the volume seen was one of the first issue of Ben-Hur, which would explain the gay binding.

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Judah is crowned the winner and showered with prizes, claiming his first strike against Rome. They each agree to do their part to fight for the Christ, whom they believe to be a political savior from Roman authority.

Meanwhile, Ilderim is deeply impressed with Judah's skills with his racing horses, and accepts him as his charioteer. Horning and Edward Carfagno created the overall look of the film, relying on the more than five years of research which had already been completed for the production.

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He drops a white cloth, and the race is on. Thord returns to Messala claiming to have killed Judah, so collects money from them both. Judah visits Simonides, who listens to his story, but demands more proof of his identity. He also studied the Bible. Simonides sends his servant Malluch to spy on Judah to see if his story is true and to learn more about him. The role of Esther was greatly expanded from that of the novel to provide a strong onscreen love interest throughout the film. The earliest autographed copy noted bears Wallace's inscription dated November 17, , in the collection of the Indiana Historical Society Library. He worked meticulously, researching every element—sometimes traveling all over the northeast simply to track down a single practical detail about the structure of a Roman trireme—and this at a time when libraries were anything but common, and searching them anything but easy. Judah takes increasing interest in the beautiful Iras. Ben-Hur, Esther, and Malluch sail to Rome, where they decided to build an underground church.

Judah, filled with hate for the Romans, catches his eye. Gaining help from Simonides and Ilderim, he sets up a training base in Ilderim's territory in the desert.

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The servant Malluch accompanies him, and they talk about the Christ; Malluch relates Balthasar's story of the magi. Part Eight[ edit ] Biblical references: Matthew —51, Mark —11, —52, Luke —46, John —18, — During the next three years, that Man, Jesus, preaches his gospel around Galilee, and Ben-Hur becomes one of his followers.

In the next two binding states all first editionsthe text was bound in drab, brown mesh cloth seen occasionally today as a faded gray over beveled boards [Binding State 2] and brown pebbled cloth over beveled boards [Binding State 3].

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A man walks up to John, and asks to be baptized. After extensive studies of the Bible and the Holy Land, and well before he had completed the novel, Wallace became a believer in God and Christ.

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Simonides, his daughter Esther, and Malluch talk together, and conclude that Judah is who he claims to be, and that he is on their side in the fight against Rome. With Ben-Hur, the two men have given most of the fortunes to the church of Antioch. It was also among the most successful films ever made. As of [update] , it is the only musical score in the ancient and medieval epic genre of film to win an Oscar. This created a furor in the North, damaged Wallace's military reputation, and drew accusations of incompetence. Special silk was imported from Thailand, the armor manufactured in West Germany , and the woolens made and embroidered in the United Kingdom and various countries of South America. Wallace died. The Jewish people petition Pilate to veto the plan. Judah accepts and prepares to meet Messala in the arena. Asking Judah for help in rounding up the local dissenters, they argue, and when Judah refuses to betray his own people Messala declares that they must be either friends or enemies, and leaves in anger. Gaining help from Simonides and Ilderim, he sets up a training base in Ilderim's territory in the desert. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. The sky darkens. Pilate sends his soldiers in disguise to mingle with the crowd, who at an appointed time, begin to massacre the protesters.

They spread the news of the Christ's birth and many come to see him. Ingersoll invited Wallace to join him in his railroad compartment during the trip. Using a literary style that addressed his audience directly, Wallace wrote: Let the reader try to fancy it; let him first look down on the arena, and see it glistening in its frame of dull-gray granite walls; let him then, in this perfect field, see the chariots, light of wheel, very graceful, and ornate as paint and burnishing can make them

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