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Then d'Anthes arranged a meeting with her, by persuading her friend Idalia Poletika to invite Mme. Over the course of the incredibly productive autumn of spent at the family estate of Bordino at Nizhny Novgorod, Pushkin completed several works including The Tales of Belkina short-story collection.

He became acquainted with the Russian language through communication with household serfs and his nanny, Arina Rodionovna, whom he loved dearly and was more attached to than to his own mother.

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Pushkina loved the attention which her beauty attracted in the highest society; she was fond of "coquetting" and of being surrounded by admirers, who included the Tsar himself.

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After the funeral, the coffin was lowered into the basement, where it stayed until 3 February, when it was removed to Pskov province. Many poets, musicians, painters gathered in their house. He published his first poem at The next three years he spent mainly in carefree, light-hearted pursuit of pleasure.

After graduating from the lycee he came to his mother's estate. The syllabus of the lycee was rather extensive, but not well thought out. As a kind of wedding present, Pushkin was given permission to publish "Boris Godunov" - after four years of waiting for authorization - under his "own responsibility.

The funeral service was initially assigned to the St.

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The poem flouted accepted rules and genres and was violently attacked by both of the established literary schools of the day, Classicism and Sentimentalism. He was sent to France to study in a French military school and he proved valuable to Peter for his knowledge of fortification building. The above biography is copyrighted. During this period the specifically Russian features of his poetry became steadily more marked. However, because insurgents in the Decembrist Uprising in Saint Petersburg had kept some of Pushkin's earlier political poems the tsar retained strict control of everything Pushkin published and he was unable to travel at will. The dashing hero Eugene and Tatyana became models for many later Russian literary figures. These three months in Boldino turned out to be literarily the most productive of his life. Poletika left the two alone, but one of her children came in, and Mme.
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Alexander Pushkin: Biography & Poems