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The Electoral college consists of members. The way a winner is found in most every level of professionalism high school government elections, mayoral elections, even governor elections is by counting the votes and the candidate with the most, wins. After that, there would be no sense in having a Senate which, after all, represents the interests of the statesand eventually, no sense in even having states, except as administrative departments of the central government.

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The Electoral College is a system in which the individual voter does not actually vote directly for the president. The outdated system that is the Electoral College concentrates its focus particularly on higher populated areas within states that then casts its Electoral votes to only one Presidential candidate. The presidential election left many voters feeling bitter and hostile. I like the Electoral College a lot, and I would like the voting system to keep it that way. This new legislature aligned with the side of the angels by inaugurating a long-term phase-out of slavery in Pennsylvania, but its angels could be inquisitorial: The Assembly passed legislation "for the suppression of vice and immorality" that criminalized "profane swearing, cursing, drunkenness, cock fighting, bullet playing, horse racing, shooting matches and the playing or gaming for money or other valuable things, fighting of duels and such evil practices which tend greatly to debauch the minds and corrupt the morals of the subjects of this commonwealth. Each state has its own number of electoral votes, which is determined by state population. Nevertheless, Clinton won the state's popular vote, 3. The states choose electors and the electors meet in what is called the Electoral College to pick a president. The rest of the state — 25 counties — went for Trump. The genius of the Constitutional Convention lay in its successfully drawing the American states toward a "more perfect union.

Why did the founding fathers create the Electoral College. It is a complicated voting system that most citizens today do not understand.

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A group of delegates, called the Electoral College, gathers together to formally elect the President of the United States. Take New York and Virginia, the largest slave states in the North and South, respectively, according to the census, just after the Constitutional Convention. The thing that makes a government stronger is their ability to change and fix their flaws. Facebook - share an article. With electors in the Electoral College, presidential candidates must win a majority of votes from states across the U. In , the incumbent Grover Cleveland won the popular vote by less than one percentage point, but Benjamin Harrison won the presidency with electoral votes to Cleveland's In the German system, voters in electoral districts each cast two votes in elections for the Bundestag Germany's parliament : the first for a directly elected member and the second for one of 34 approved parties in , whose caucuses then identify candidates. Better not try to cram that whole saga in here right now. Madison seems to have believed that the three-fifths clause would not adequately mitigate the effects of lenient Northern voter-eligibility rules because no-fifths of the slave population could vote. Many people do not understand the process by which we elect the President. The Electoral College process is stated in the Constitution so many people think it is the only way to elect the president. In order to address the issue whether the Electoral College should be thrown away or not, the reasons why it was first established in the first place must be discussed

The United States Constitution, therefore, was intended to protect the individual rights of Americans from a tyrannical government and majority With electors in the Electoral College, presidential candidates must win a majority of votes from states across the U.

As such, the Electoral College embodies a fundamental instinct in the founders: Slow down.

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It's Time To Abolish The Electoral College