Boiler experiment

Pressure Transducer 2. However, as the steam is not allowed to exit, the pressure in the boiler increases. Set the temperature controller and observe the steam temperature rise as the water boils. Note : Do not open the valve at the water inlet port as it was highly pressurized at a higher temperature.

Mohamad Zan 1. This is because some of the errors occur along the experiment. The steam temperature and different readings is record as the boiler is heated or cooled. Tin can burns to the touch. The difference between the theoretical values and the actual values is caused by errors with certain calculated acceptable percentages.

Biomass fuels generally contain high levels of corrosive ash.

marcet boiler experiment pdf

Some of the values are not the same at the certain point. The design includes all possible safety and low maintenance features, specially for educational use. Measured slope against Calculated Slope 0. Recycle or subsequent combustion of solids can be used to increase conversion.

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