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The man violated the recommendations of local people and he noticed in a short time that he should wait. The man travels with a dog, who can perceive the dangers of the freezing wilderness. He purposely did not give a name to the man or the dog. Not only did the below seventy-five degree weather provide an external conflict, but the man himself became an internal conflict against himself.

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It is interesting to note that the character of the dog is significant in the story. In case of the latter, they will suffer the consequences because of the notion that nature can never be conquered nor defied without doing ill or even death to whoever takes the endeavor.

Being the confident man that he is, he did not listen to the advice. He faces many different conflicts of man verses man, and man verses nature. However, this is not always the case; sometimes it seems in the writer's favor to limit the descriptions of the main character to a minimum, in order to allow him to put the emphasis on the theme.

He realized that he could not kill the dog.

Build a fire with nature essay

In The Yellow Wallpaper and To Build a Fire, there are many things that are important to the development of the story and the plot. An example of environmental foreshadowing was when it said, "Fifty degrees below zero stood for a bite of frost that hurt and that must be guarded against There have been many studies done on the brain and the way humans react physiologically when placed in life threatening situations.

London depicted arctic and very cold conditions throughout the story.

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To build a fire is a prime example of this scenario. Nature's scorn is shown when the central character, after passing through the most dangerous areas of "ice springs," thinks that he is home free. Let us know! He believed "London's works were written so that he could survive in a world he increasingly came to see as "red in tooth and claw"" 1. The man's death leads to no resolution of the conflict as the man never accomplished his goal of survival. London chose to use nature as the antagonist, almost as a force working against the main character in his struggle for survival. The story takes place in the Yukon during one of the long night.
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Can You Survive Nature? "To Build a Fire"