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The Coca-Cola Company started with Information system named the legacy system, which result to be inefficient and difficult to operate. Without an effective ISM most of the departments will be redundant, which will cause a major lost in profit and will slow production as well. They employee overemployees offer over 3, products worldwide and operate in over countries.

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The company established an effective distribution channel 13 globally the guarantees the ubiquity. Coca-Cola Company provides its employee with a satisfactory wages and salaries aside from the basic amenities and facilities they are being provided with and the company embraces its employee development strategy by making their dreams come true in the sense that, the company are involved in some many innovative programs that encourage and support employee to do better.

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It recognizes the importance of diversity which is at the core of its business. As one of the most successful multinational company in the world, with many sub division at countries and eighty percent of company revenue is from business outside America, Coca-Cola is accepted as international company.

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With many division organized at many place, Coca-Cola company must have a good human resources management. In this regard it also holds regular dialogues with its employees as well as organizes employee surveys and representative groups. Another important step that Coca Cola has taken to encourage its associates is to provide them with reimbursement to help them pursue higher level education. Performance management: Performance management is also a key area requiring focus if a company wants its employees to perform at their best. Employee motivation and engagement have become critical to organizational success. Only the syrup concentrate are manufactured by the company which is sold to the bottlers who are its franchisers Coca-Cola Bottling, I will be discussing recommendations in reference to the United Nations Global Compact principles, specifically, principles one and eight: 1. Here we take on big challenges and make bold plans for the future. It treats these resources as an asset. In this report HR planning and development methods are examined in detail and the way to improve HR performance are suggested. However, apart from hiring, it is also critical to manage them in a way such that they can deliver with dedication. V and other documents. The bottling partners help the company in distributing their products across every continent around the world, this is very important to the company as it is gaining competitive advantage over its competitors and promoting its products as well.

Day to day, this means we're involved in things like evaluating the economic viability of a product innovation, undertaking financial planning, forecasting a brand's financial results or analyzing sales performance by channel.

Apart from the financial compensation, pensions, healthcare and holidays are also considered an important part of the employee compensation.

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It ensures that all the people who are working for it have the resources that enable them to learn and build their careers. Employee engagement: Employee engagement is an important factor behind employee motivation.

This success is largely built on the firm's leadership capabilities, and these are fostered by a strong HRM program.

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They say knowledge is power, and at Coca-Cola the strategic planning team holds the key to a lot of that knowledge, helping us to determine which projects will provide the best return or offering evidence to support new ideas. Furthermore, the psychometric test is designed to test applicant abilities and potentials in some occasions the company uses a personality tool to find some certain things on the applicant. Adding Schweppes product to its collection yield the company to about 36 new brands in more than countries across the world. The customer and commercial leaders are put in place to help the company in fasten result gathering by promoting and encouraging teamwork. There are policies in place that ensure non-discrimination as well as equal opportunity for all. Techniques used to develop employee in Coca-Cola Company The Coca-Cola Company as mentioned earlier value its employee as its best and most important assets, this is why the company the company develop and reward them with a favourable working environment where they can excel in their various performance, develop their professional skills and finally help them in achieving their career goal. Advertising is one area of commercial that the company is investing heavily so as to promotes its brand and product across the world. Elmore tells a story of how Coca- Cola have changed its industry as well as the globe by utilizing natural resources. Physical Resources One of Coca-Colas biggest strengths is their ability locate themselves all over the world. Pemberton 's accomplice and clerk, Frank M. It also enables them to outline a plan for training and enrichment. This system ensures a regular cycle of discussions and feedback which recognizes any kinds of gaps and enables their fulfilment.
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