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Keep in mind, these abilities ought to be unique and must provide value to customers.

Restaurant core competencies

Notices and seizes profitable business opportunities. Personal Credibility: Demonstrated concern that one be perceived as responsible, reliable, and trustworthy. Approaches a complex task or problem by breaking it down into its component parts and considering each part in detail. For instance, relying too heavily on a certain advantage can lead to problems in the future. Has a strong sense of urgency about solving problems and getting work done. Helps employees to develop a clear understanding of what they will need to do differently, as a result of changes in the organization. His work has appeared in various publications and he has performed financial editing at a Wall Street firm. Creation of original content reduces their licensing costs, but as long as the content is what we customers want, they are still in alignment with their core competency. Encourages individuals and groups to set their own goals, consistent with business goals. For example, the core competency of a technology company could be the design of high-speed microprocessors or efficient Internet search algorithms, both of which are difficult to replicate. Seeks out and builds relationships with others who can provide information, intelligence, career support, potential business, and other forms of help. Selects language and examples tailored to the level and experience of the audience. Encourages and supports entrepreneurial behavior in others.

What are the causes of your strengths? Identifying what needs to be done and takes action before being asked or the situation requires it. Google is another company with a deep core competency: the understanding and development of algorithms.

employee core competencies

Deals firmly and promptly with performance problems; lets people know what is expected of them and when. Presents several different arguments in support of a position.

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Their change in business model from DVDs only to DVDs and streaming reflected this competency and allowed them to access the streaming video market.

Your research skills would, therefore, be your core competency, and you could then consider how you could leverage this skill in other ways to bring new strengths to your business.

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Personally develops a new method or approach.

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31 Core Competencies Explained