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According to an analysis carried out by the consulting firm BCG, companies embracing these concepts generate up to five times higher margins than their competitors. It is one of the world's leading investment management organizations in terms of the quality and breadth of investment products, asset management expertise and client service.

Axel Schwarzer, Head of DWS Scudder, said, "By streamlining our fund offerings and concentrating on the advisor-driven channel, our objective is to enhance the level of service, innovation and performance that we provide to both our advisors and their clients.

This Release contains forward-looking statements.

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The fund has an objective of generating long-term capital growth by investing predominantly in units of overseas mutual funds focusing on agriculture, with a view to becoming direct or indirect beneficiaries of the anticipated growth in the agriculture sector and its affiliate or allied sectors.

Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in the field of real estate.

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Companies are meeting the challenge For companies, agile work concepts are above all a change of course. Keep it short and simple and avoid technical language — especially if non-technical stakeholders are involved.

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Calculating ROI can be a complex process, but is essentially the annual benefit realized, divided by the total investment, expressed as a ratio or percentage. Take London for example: co-working spaces already account for around ten percent of leased offices space in London. As part of this initiative, it will reduce the number of its funds and share classes to concentrate on the core funds most relevant to advisors. A number of important factors could therefore cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statement. One is technological progress, for example, which has also changed the world of working. In the co-working space — usually designed in an open and stylish fashion — lawyers meet graphic designers, and software developers meet start-up entrepreneurs. Leisure opportunities beat company parking Talking about flexibility: the transformation of work concepts is also reflected in the registered take-up of the large German office centres. The reason why: these concepts have not yet been consolidated and established. By their very nature, forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties. This is a positive development in our view. Anke Weinreich: The idea behind it could be summarised as bike spaces and showers instead of car parking facilities. The idea: everyone benefits from each other, sometimes by just having a chat and sometimes by carrying out joint projects. Securities and Exchange Commission. For systematic investment plan, the targeted amount has to be at least Rs and can be invested over maximum 12 months.

The reason why: these concepts have not yet been consolidated and established. The central message of the campaign - "One Global Force. Financial risk can be mitigated by choosing a solution that is available on a SaaS basis, eliminating the up-front capital expenditure.

Using notebooks and smart phones puts anyone in a position to work from anywhere. Extrapolating this out to multiple modules will provide the company with savings of over testing days per year.

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Building a Business Case for Test Automation