Ebola worldwide annihilation

But comparatively, the transmission rate is considered low compared to airborne diseases such as tuberculosis and influenza. This article goes beyond giving statistical updates of the spread of the Ebola virus; it highlights socio-cultural as well as medical issues surrounding the current outbreak in West Africa and elsewhere.

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To allow it take root in any other part of the world is to court disaster in unprecedented scale. Patrick Sawyer before leaving Liberia for Nigeria was not a secret to himself, nor to his family, his country or his employer. The pre-Ebola health status of Liberia showed the country already had enough public health and sanitation problems to contend with.

The social impact of the epidemic From: CDC The impact of the Ebola epidemic is more than epidemiological, and that is where the fear rattles the population more than one can imagine. Rift Valley fever. Speakers: Dr. But unless it is possible to reach affected communities with vaccines and drugs, the new technologies are useless.

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In West Africa, handshaking does not only represent greetings; it is camaraderie, respect, agreement, and conspiratorial friendship, ending with a snap of two middle fingers by the greeters.

It can be difficult to clinically distinguish EVD from other infectious diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever and meningitis.

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Global Ebola Response