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Gender discrimination is defined in the Encyclopedia of Small Business as any action that specifically denies opportunities, privileges, or rewards to a person or a group because of gender Burton,p. However, we still see gender inequality on a daily basis negatively affecting not only women, but young girls as well.

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It is one of the major characteristics of the U. Due to the broad spectrum of research regarding gender discrimination, this paper will primarily focus on women and pregnancy discrimination. Men would even decide to whom a women would get married to among a whole host of other things But not all places have done as well. What is gender equality? Violence against women is typically gender-based which means that it is solely committed against women just because they are women or because of the patriarchal constructs of gender. According to Karl Marx all the struggles of all societies throughout history are due to confrontations of power and exploitation. When a father comes home after a forty-hour long work week making fifteen dollars an hour, he will open up a paycheck to six hundred dollars. Women are seen as an insult, which is incredibly sexist. Kristof is wrong in his quote about gender equality. In Corporate America, men seem to want full control. The history of gender equality dates back a long time to about when Christine de Pizan wrote in her book The Book of the City of Ladies that women are oppressed based on biased prejudice and she pointed out a lot of ways where women in the society are making progress. Women of the past had been there for the pleasure of men Still everyday women have the risk of being discriminated against for simply being women. In most cases the athletes are subject to discrimination, harassment, threats and violence Gregory

Working Women Hostels for guaranteeing safe settlement for working women from their place of habitation. Like others, a social problem that is widespread in American society is Gender inequality. Despite many strides to enforce a law to protect women in the workforce, little change has occurred.

I am writing you, the representatives for Equal Rights to discuss an urgent concern of American women in the workplace. The offender and the victim met in his house by prior agreement.

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Education must become a necessity for all the girls without which hoping for gender equality in India would be worthless. Your conclusion depends on the aspect you decide to focus on. No, im talking about the big stereotype. Discuss the various forms of Gender inequality 2.

But when the women ask to pay in advanced, he beat and raped her. Let me know what you think about this article. Completing the six areas listed below I have learned that I have a strong marriage and we have gender specific chores and activities, I enjoy partnering with my husband and raising our children.

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