Essay on the connection between literature and life

why is literature important in everyday life

Sometimes it may even allow the reader to identify with the characters. The power of literature affects all of us. Mary Shelley's parents brought literature to her from the day she was born.

Progressively, as people grow older, they explore other genres of books, ones that propel them towards curiosity of the subject, and the overall book. It cultivates wonders, inspires a generation, and feeds information. In his discussions he referred mainly to poetry, but what he said about poetry can be equally applied to literature as a whole.

Some embraces death, the thought of meeting our maker. Physically speaking, it is impossible to be someone else.

Essay on the connection between literature and life

According to him, true reality consists in the ideas of things, of which individual objects are but reflections or imitations. As long as our world lives, so does literature flourish. The works of Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle the most famous Greek philosophers contain virtues that promote perfection to a society if only human beings have the willingness to uphold and practice them. He agreed with Plato that poetry is an imitation of reality, but according to him, this imitation is the objective representation of life in literature or, in other words, the imaginative reconstruction of life. A national anthem, with its sole purpose to praise a nation, is a form of literature. During her time she was not well known, but as time progressed after her death more and more people took her works into consideration and many of them were published. For this reason poetry is a more philosophical, a more serious thing than history.

Magazines, newspapers, the television, the radio, and even the internet contain literature. While it is physically written in words, these words come alive in the imagination of the mind, and its ability to comprehend the complexity or simplicity of the text.

literature and society
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Literature Is Powerful. Literature Defines Humanity.