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Topic 6 includes: Ethical and environmental considerations, the economic climate, globalisation and the interdependent nature of business Internal Assessment Each topic once completed will be internally assessed and at the end of Year 11 there are two external examinations.

Topic 1 includes: The role of business enterprise and entrepreneurship, business planning, business ownership, business aims and objectives, stakeholders in business and business growth. Coursework submitted within one working day 24 hours of the deadline date and time without an authorised extension will receive a mark capped at the minimum pass mark.

Operations include production processes, quality of goods and services, customer service, and working with suppliers.

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What happens if a student needs to retake an exam? Try these pages:. It is open from ampm. Topic 3 includes: The role of human resources, organisational structures, communication in business, recruitment and selection, employee motivation and retention, training and development and employment law Business Operations, finance and influences on business Students take a closer look at the role of operations and finance in business activity. Topic 4 includes: The production processes, ensuring the quality of goods and services, the sales process and customer service, consumer law, influences on business location and the importance of working with suppliers Topic 5 includes: The role of the finance function, sources of finance, calculating revenue, costs, profit and loss, calculating break-even and cash flow. If you have any concerns about completing your coursework on time due to ill health or difficult personal circumstances you must speak to your Student Support Adviser. If the reviewer does not find a marking error, the original mark must not be changed. Any new mark and grade awarded after the review could be higher or lower than that originally given. What if students miss out on their grades they need for their next step? Exam boards can charge a fee for reviewing a mark and for considering an appeal. They also look at the role of marketing and human resources.

These are: Mobile phone. You can also chat online or email via their website. You must do this within 24 hours of the deadline. The centre must contact the relevant awarding body to request this arrangement.

Top tips for students collecting GCSE results If students are going to school to collect their results, there are a few things that they might find helpful to have with them.

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