Harold purple crayon writing activity esl

Students also: Compared drawings with one another Orally shared their opinion when retelling the story through the drawing Drew a picture of what they thought happened in the book by using elements in the story Continue Reading.

Want to know more about what, exactly, a unit study is? Students will use crayons to draw details that will complete their images. What color was the barn?

harold and the purple crayon summary

If you'd like to use these ideas to create your own unit study, this post has step-by-step instructions as well as a free unit study planner. To motivate children to ask them if they like to draw. Give each child one or two animals telling them that they are going to help you decide if these animals live on land or in water.

Try several different combinations. You can fill one with grass and dirt and the other with a little water or green and blue paper respectively. The end goal is to be ready for the first level of this curriculum.

After all the animals have been sorted count the animals together as a group. Powered by Blogger. If you have their attention take the time to ask if they know another word for large. Retelling Overview and Purpose: Students will use the reading strategy Sketch-to-Stretch to develop concepts, summarize information heard and retell the story through drawing.

Which activity is up to you; as they're so very versatile, you can do virtually anything with them!

Harold and the purple crayon printables

This is also available as a workbook. Try the Genesis Curriculum version of this course for ages 3 and 4. Trust me your circle time carpet will thank me. There is no longer a boys and girls version. In fact, even my eleven year old recognizes this and confronted me because, apparently we don't own a copy of the book. Could some shapes be bigger or smaller? Tell students that they will get a chance to add details later.
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Harold Purple Crayon Writing Activity Esl