How organisations use information

Explain the sources of information needed in a selected organisation

There might be a business that has its own web server and that there are often strict rules as to what can be posted to it. They also deal with negotiating business contracts. If a customer requested information from MegaMedia about their purchase that they made, then they would need to show that information to them. External The external information source is information that has been obtained outside from the business or company. Finance The responsibility for the money side of the business is done in this department, dealing with accounts and finances. An example of where information was used for purpose of operational support would be when the project manager had to ask the design and install team to change their ideas to incorporate new requirements from Cisco. They work with other functional areas within the business such as the finance team as they have to know how much money is available to spend on ordering new stock.

Manufacturing Manufacturing is only possible for companies that create, manufacturing is creating a product from raw materials. If we refer back the example of looking at sales figures on a cash register at any time of the day having the feature of printing out current sales from the cash register means that the information is accessible.

What is information

ISOS and NC4 Reliability of Data Source In the world of the internet, there are a large number of data that can be seen as both bad and good depending on how you see and use them. Gaining Commercial Advantage Gaining advantage is looking for opportunities to enhance sales. When configuring the server, there was a PowerPoint presentation showing how far along each team was and the sub-team used this to gain an advantage over the other companies. The finance team work with every other department as they are in charge of making sure every employee gets paid, they make sure the business is making profit and if not then they help work out how to make more profit. Data is numbers that have no meaning to them yet, whereas information has a meaning. A strategic decision that was made in the project would be the choice of design as that would affect the outcome of the project. This also can mean that the products are not selling too well, an example of this is that MegaMedia is still selling the iPhone 4 and the sales are dropping massively because there are newest releases of the phone and no one wants to get this anymore, which means MegaMedia needs to discontinue the product before they start to lose profit. Information such as feedback and product design is what would be used.

The design team used qualitative information to create and develop their ideas for the classroom. Ethical issues Codes of practice Threatening or harassing emails are usually banned, as well as spamming.

how organizations use information

Decision Making Information systems will aid with the making of vital choices by providing knowledge that is essential when making choices like sales figures and prices. They also deal with negotiating business contracts. This area would deal with schematics, designs, maintenance records and production records.

Personnel KFSC personnel will deal with information like how much the customer would like to lose in weight to work towards that when they are training or if the customer has a medical condition so the staff can make sure nothing goes wrong.

unit 2 information systems

Teams like the virtual security team used qualitative information as a resource when producing their password generator and fixing issues with the server. The accounts deal with the purchase and approval of invoices, sales invoices, monitors debtors VAT returns and sometimes creditors.

They also work with the finance team as they need to make sure the business has enough money to pay them once they have made all the products. The concern must be a genuine concern and there should be regulations within a business to deal with these sorts of situations. Hotels hold events on a regular basis but have to tailor their event to a target audience. A strategic decision that was made in the project would be the choice of design as that would affect the outcome of the project. Purchasing This department role is to purchases the needed materials or equipment for their business. If a product is not selling well on their website, then MegaMedia would decide to either put it on sale or remove it. An example of this would be that Apple releases the new iPhone 6 and lots of people want it. Purchase invoices, sales invoices, debtors, creditors, monitors and VAT are dealt with in the accounts. If a new phone is coming out, then MegaMedia needs to collect that information in a timely manner so when the phone is released, MegaMedia is ready to upload the product page on their website. If MegaMedia is unable to organise a meeting with Samsung to collect primary information about the new phone, then MegaMedia can look at their official website and collect the information they need. There are regulations that apply to screens and monitors, their positioning and usage.

Making new improvements based on research, customer feedback such as adjusting a product based on how customers gave feedback on previous versions.

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