How to write a gamecube disc case

what type of disc does gamecube use

Some games may have known issues or game play elements that appear as problems. If the disc works properly in another system, the problem is with your Nintendo GameCube. If you were to take a GameCube cover art and remove it from an official GC case and put it in a DVD or PS2 case, you will immediately be hit with a problem: the artwork does not fit and it creates a huge crease, thus damaging the artwork.

And GC games in general aren't as common, so finding cheapo titles to swap out isn't really an option. Turns out, my memory served me well!

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Please check our game play help for assistance. Look for obvious physical damage to the disc. Try playing the game without the unlicensed accessory.

If the game had been working normally, shows signs of physical damage, and now displays errors or lockups in areas it previously didn't, the problem is likely to be the damage to the disc. Please click here for more information.

With PS2, the majority of the official game cases are built with high quality material, plus there's 's upon 's of games, so finding cheap games to swap cases is super easy to do. If you are not able to try the game in another system and the other troubleshooting steps haven't narrowed the problem down, it is impossible to determine for certain whether the problem is the Nintendo GameCube or Game Disc.

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What’s up with the square holes on old GameCube cases?