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Running heads are a required element of APA formatting.

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Other institutions of higher education use the same approach to create their citation guides. Books often have multiple editions, which means some portion of the content has been updated. Tohill Updated July 21, The American Psychological Association format is a writing style used in the social and behavioral sciences as well as many other disciplines. In academia, abstracts are often used to help a reader decide whether or not to read a paper. This is particularly true for mathematical papers with many equations using different variables. Although written by one or more individuals, works with corporate authorship were created under the supervision of a corporate entity. Web page sources vary in quality and students should be aware that many web pages are not suitable sources for academic research. If the first letter or word of a title in the entry starts with a, an, or the, skip over and move on to the first letter of the next main word. Using the keyboard command Control-T will create a hanging indent. Definitions are initial capped. In this style, the running head for the cover page differs from the running head on subsequent pages. Bibliography A bibliography is another term for a references page or a works cited page.

APA citation has two parts: In-text citation: A brief note, used in APA style, at the end of a sentence or idea that gives an author credit for his or her ideas. For books, volume indicates the order of a book in a series or set. An in-text citation provides enough information to allow readers to locate the source on the references page.

APA citation style refers to the rules and conventions established by the American Psychological Association APA for documenting sources used in research projects. Hanging indent A hanging indent is one element used in properly formatting citation entries on a references page.

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If creating a references page using the Bryant and Stratton APA Style Guide, entries are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the first main word in the entry.

Author An author is the originator, or writer, of a written work. This is particularly true for mathematical papers with many equations using different variables.

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How do you cite glossary terms?