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Handbook of Medical Psychiatry. What is Fugue State? A dissociative fugue may last from hours to months, occasionally longer. This approach can help prevent fugues from recurring. Jekyll and Mr. Did a few sit-ups just to shake off the sleepiness.

Keywords: Dissociative, Fugue, Medical, Student Introduction Dissociative fugue, formerly called psychogenic fugue, is one of a group of psychiatric conditions called dissociative disorders.

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Examination of his mental state revealed a young man who was clean, appropriately dressed and mildly emaciated with poor eye contact. The patient admitted to having low mood, loss of interest in usually pleasurable activities and poor appetite.

And he found himself on a plane going to England, which is where his father had been living before he died. It should be mention that some of the popular cases of fugue state have drawn suspicion as to the validity of the disorder.

So, what we do we know? This is a puzzling question that we have trouble reconciling before we move on to possible treatment. When not writing he works as a University research specialist, focusing on clinical assessment of brain injury.

Two days later, he discovered he was with his younger sibling in South-Western Nigeria.

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Dissociative fugue symptoms in a year