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If you have some idea, say it.

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Write each sentence with the goal of earning one of the points on the grading rubric. There is no subtraction of points for being wrong on the essay. An erasable pen is even better!!! You can generally follow the order provided by the list of tasks and subtasks, but it can be helpful to jot down a brief outline on scratch paper to work out how you will complete each subtask successfully. When in doubt, fake it, but make an effort on every part of the question prompt. Once you have done this, you will be in a position to answer the question analytically instead of in a rambling narrative. Does it demonstrate a similarity or a difference? The types of tasks that the AP Psychology exam requires are relatively few in number. To earn AP college credit, you have to perform like an average college freshman who earns a grade of C. Begin writing only after you have thought through the evidence you plan to use, and have determined what your thesis statement will be. You cannot earn a given point if you do attempt to earn it. For example, you can give each subtask a separate paragraph, or combine two or three related subtasks into a single paragraph. This is always followed by instructions on a distinct task or tasks that you need to complete, along with one or more sets of bullet points that specify subtasks. The class will take you through the material that will be covered in the exam, so if you do well in class you should be adequately prepared to take the test. Thanks for your feedback!

The test is challenging and covers a considerable amount of information about psychology. Write each sentence with the goal of earning one of the points on the grading rubric.

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You need to learn to attack questions methodically and to plan your answers before putting pencil to paper. You cannot earn a given point if you do attempt to earn it. You have 50 minutes for all of Section II, which leaves you only 25 minutes per question. Then, with additional information or analysis, elaborate on the ways in which these pieces of evidence are similar or different.

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This will allow you to compare your own responses with those that have already been scored and evaluated. Vagueries are not rewarded. In students who earned 5 of the 20 free-response points were very likely to earn college credit in psychology. If there is evidence that refutes a statement, explain why it argues against the statement. This would not be awarded a point because the items contradict. Be specific. These materials can be helpful for supplementing your classroom lectures and readings. State your points as clearly as possible and explicitly connect them to the larger thesis. Knowing your psychology is your first and foremost tool for success. Begin with whichever question seems easier to you and aim to finish it in less than 25 minutes, so you have more time for the harder question. Use proper scientific psychology Terms. An erasable pen is even better!!! For example: Students said things like "In DID, the patients alter between personalities, but in patients with Schizophrenia they switch between personalities". Always use a paragraph format, even if the question asks you to list. Be sure to carefully craft your answer in response to what is actually being asked in the question prompt.

Advanced Placement Psychology, more commonly referred to as AP Psychologyis a college-level introductory psychology course offered at many high schools. Grammar, spelling, style are not graded, psychological knowledge is.

The multiple-choice portion of the exam accounts for two-thirds of the score, while the free response section makes up the remaining one-third of the score.

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For example, some questions may require you to consider the similarities between people or events, and then to think of the ways they are different.

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They DO need to answer each part of the question clearly and succinctly.

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AP Psychology: The Exam