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Secondly, besides learning to read English, we must learn to understand spoken English, and practice speaking.

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Set goals. I cannot think of a more effective way of learning English than this because the English you have memorised will stay with you forever. All this will improve your understanding of English.

They only try to guess the meanings of the words.

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Although using a dictionary has been shown to help with both short term and long term learning of vocabulary, the fact that using it slows reading down can stop some people reading in English at all. Persistence is the major secrets of success. At first, he spoke English like an uneducated man but after months of listening to the BBC, he spoke like a graduate from one of the top British universities. Speaking and writing are productive: output, i. In fact, when you go for job interviews or start working, the ability to speak English isvery important. Another daily writing task that can work for people who would be bored by writing about their own routines in a diary is to write about the news that you read and listen to everyday. The final thing to really work on is grammar, and spelling and punctuation with it. In conclusion, There is no short cut to learning English. Getting the pronunciation right is something that many international students worry about, but that people born in English-speaking countries often forget about, but it is equally important for all. One traditional way to make sure you write every day in English is to write an English diary journal , and a more up to date way of doing this is to write a blog. Most research follows a standard set of guidelines. You have to do everything on the spur of the moment. Because of this, just knowing a dictionary definition may not be enough; you will need to know in what contexts the new word can be used or you could say something that makes no sense.

One of the most overlooked areas of academic essay writing is the conclusion. Reading a whole book quickly through just for pleasure from time to time will help you remember how fun reading in another language can be.

Listening to English programmes over the radio is also a very effective way of learning English. Don't be afraid to speak ,afraid to be laughed at.

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