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In this song, Sean tells the story of the Passion Week through the eyes of the disciple John. Instead of writing from these and other well-known Psalms, try writing from the Psalms of Lament or the Messianic Psalms 22, 24, 89, etc. I guess you can never please everyone. My rugby girl The challenge was to write songs for the Church from the parables, stories, and miracle narratives in Luke. Then, get started writing. Like you are saying about the different Biblical figures and how they would make great characters, the same could be said about people in the Book of Mormon. Your best ideas for this will come from those topics that cause emotion to rise up inside of you. Play with point of view. I put them on my forums if anyone wants to check them out.

It is sad that some people are just quick to judge something before they really listen and learn. What was it like for Jonah in the dark, dank belly of the fish?

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Characters behave totally arbitrary to the point of being unbelievable. Consider these examples: — A story of a young person obsessed with religion to the point that they start to… fill in your idea — The things that happen in a small Christian town when a stranger arrives.

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After all, a lot of people write for years and never improve. Falsafa on October 22, pm I disagree with the opinion that the bible is mediocre.

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Autumnmoon on April 02, am I have to agree with Mike. This post was neither preachy, nor evangelizing.

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Ali, I sat down yesterday and wrote down 30 different plots from the Bible…none of them religious or even faith based except two, that would fit well in a fantasy or otherworld setting. Thanks for the reminder. The trick to doing this is to do it as fast as possible, giving yourself no more than a minute for each category. Characters behave totally arbitrary to the point of being unbelievable. It is a good post. How long will you assault a man? You'll also get three bonus ebooks completely free! Think of what an encouragement a concept album that tells the story of scripture from a particular angle, or an album saturated with truth from the Word, might be to the Church. The smell of your lips How did the disciples feel as they saw Jesus suffer and die on the cross—the one they left their jobs and homes and livelihoods for? Its manipulative and evangelicizing. Method 4: A Time When.

I agree that the bible is such a great source of inspiration for any writer, Christian or non-Christian.

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