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Narrative Writing: W. In the beginning you could focus on really modeling the steps taken to respond to a prompt—brainstorming ideas to respond, drawing a detailed picture, then labeling objects or writing—over the course of a few days or a week. Each writing prompt is designed to help students develop beginning writing skills and focuses on easy concepts like friendship, weather, and days of the week e.

Print out this free worksheet today and your students will describe their favorite kind of car and share with the class!

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Search Kindergarten Writing Prompts Below you'll find some fun writing prompts for your kindergarten students. Or maybe polka dots! What is your favorite book? Below is a quick summary of the themes included in each set and the links for more details. Why do kids have to go to school? It is helpful if writing prompts are broad enough and related to a topic of interest that allows kids to easily respond and come up with ideas to write about. This can help develop confidence in their writing abilities and lead them to want to write more on their own. What have you learned this year?

We Immerse Children in Predictable Texts! I also included my popular editing checklist to help those little writers self edit and improve their grammar and writing.

Write about a time when you had to wait for something? Write about a time you helped your parents. Try things like: Modeled writing where you as an adult write and think aloud as you share what you are writing with input from students Shared writing where adults assist in recording information and invite children to share the writing tool as they add information pictures, letters, or words A lot of unstructured independent writing through pretend play opportunities and informal writing that students choose Authentic writing activities like making cards, writing letters, making shopping lists, etc Writing journal prompts that are part of a weekly or daily writing routine Another helpful resource is this article from Days with Grey about helping preschoolers develop early writing skills.

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Would you rather have a pet cat or dog? Writing prompts also expose kids to a wide variety of topics to write about. Find out when you print this free worksheet for your student. What would you do? However, some might do better if they are able to choose between different prompts when responding. By using writing prompts you can also get kids participating in different types of writing. Thank you. These writing prompts try to capture some of those great moments and memories as well as a bit of fictional writing fun. What is your greatest talent? For some kids it is easiest to provide one page at a time and then compile into a journal after pages are completed. Writing journal prompts are questions or topics that give kids an idea to write about. What have you learned this year? What is your favorite toy?
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