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Are the lyrics correct? Would you just ignore them and not mention the place? So this ain't for the editors This is for the predators The 50 some odd men in the bullpen Arrested at the airport supposed to be in London They said we fucked it up and that our careers were done then Meanwhile I'm embraced by the worlds waste We share the same tattoos all in the database They carve my words on the walls in their cells They said "It doesn't take the pain away but it helps" So this ain't for your column I solemnly swore to my city and its people that I got em I'm more comfortable in the cage than on the stage What the fuck would you do if you were in my place?

Crime rate has made Flint the most dangerous city in america. Am I afraid of what I'll be without war? Male reporter.

You wanna see where I come from you wanna go there?

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They keep taking peoples lives. James Jones Honu submitted the lyrics for this song.

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Trick Trick If you saw what I saw with my eyes closed You'd have a tagged toe or a face full of bullet holes Maybe from your own gun maybe from another one Who knows Who knows Who knows I play a game where there's no rules Female Reporter: breaking news from Flint. You can't afford to lose You can't afford to lose Reporter: suspect still on the lose.

You wanna physically fight for your life with boys who don't care? It's the motherfuckin boogeyman Say seven 'Hail Marys' cause I'm back again Divine intervention can't stop this from happenin When the knives and guns come out and "Oh I'm back at that again" Gun shots Is the sound when I gunem down These motherfuckers wanna fight I givem 10 rounds 3 shots couldn't put me to sleep now my eyes stay peeled and I don't blink or wink And I'm lookin for my so called killers if they weren't weak But the devil keeps sendin me boys instead of beasts Tell that motherfucker if he wants me to come and get me I'm in hell Americas most dangerous city Reporter: There are shots ringing out around flint.

You wanna play a game where there's no rules?

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