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CBMT board certification domains. The following assumptions are the foundation for this document: Public Protection. British Medical Journal This accreditation serves as the means by which CBMT strives to maintain the highest standards possible in the construction and administration of its national examination and recertification programs, ultimately designed to reflect current music therapy practice for the benefit of the consumer.

Music therapists recognize that in order for clients to benefit from an integrated, holistic treatment approach, there will be some overlap in services provided by multiple professions. The Association serves as the primary organization for the advancement of education, clinical practice, research, and ethical standards in the music therapy profession.

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The music therapy consultant may provide services to other professionals in music therapy and related disciplines and to others directly involved with the client. The unique roles of AMTA education and clinical training and CBMT credentialing and continuing education ensure that the distinct, but related, components of the profession are maintained.

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The beauty of these coping mechanisms is the adolescent is armed to handle different situations, even if they are not currently part of a music therapy program.

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Music Therapy Notes / More Reflecting, Less Wading