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It was eighteen months of my life, and besides the exaltation of finishing and being very proud of the completed product, I did excise a certain amount of personal history and obsession, particularly with the character of Cohle and the things he expresses.

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That was intwo days before yesterday. And that question of meaning or meaninglessness really becomes a question of: What do you love?

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I can do this. TV writers speak of him as Shiites speak of the Hidden Imam, a storied figure who will set the world back on its axis at the end-time. He stood with Vaughn almost out of earshot, discussing the difference between what is said and what is implied. Vernon, which, as of , had just inhabitants, is home to factories of the polluting variety, slaughter houses, and chemical plants. After publishing a collection in —Between Here and the Yellow Sea—he began work on a novel. As some part of the success of Mad Men is attributed to Jon Hamm. You talk and argue and make up day after day.

To be able to write words for a character and kind of know, this is Woody Harrelson or this is Matthew McConaughey. Whatever we mean when we use that word.

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When I first met Nic, in Indiana, I thought he was in my life. They were building cupolas and domes. Such relationships usually end gradually—this one ended abruptly.

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Nic has an overripe, slightly highfalutin way of talking that I might attribute to the suddenness of his rise if it were not how he spoke from the beginning, which always made him such a pleasantly anachronistic figure. Tell us about your process: Pen, paper, word processor, human blood when the moon is full Pretty easy. Each day started with food and ended with food. I thought if he was interested in doing something like that, he would be interested in True Detective. So one silhouette is a little tiny girl in a tutu, which is adorable, the other silhouette is a woman on a pole. He talks with refreshing sobriety about his craft, exuding respect for his art and its tragic difficulty. I always liked the wide spectrum. I have a direct line with the actors, a direct line with the camera crew, and so in that way, it really just made things easier. After we got Matthew and Woody onboard I wrote the remaining episodes of the series, and I did that with them specifically in mind. And when I started thinking about Wayne and the case, it just felt like it would be great to set this in northwest Arkansas. And that question of meaning or meaninglessness really becomes a question of: What do you love? How do you handle a bad review of your work? He knew every shot he wanted.

I spent four great years there, so I was real familiar with the landscape. Not land, fill.

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I love Kurosawa. I got to do that for two episodes. I did horizontal bars for eight episodes. I just really want to get better. Cary Fukunaga, who directed all of Season 1, is a loose, inventive filmmaker who came up with ideas — like a certain long take — that may not have meshed with what Pizzolatto had imagined on the page. It started as an idea for a novel I never wrote. In the evening, he briefed Kitsch, explaining the psychosis of a traumatized soldier. And then I gradually come out of that.
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The Process of True Detective Writer Nic Pizzolatto