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I knew how hard his life was, still he show much love and care for our country. But based on what I experienced, it was more than that. It opened our minds for us to be able to understand the different circumstances as to what the children experienced. I introduced myself to him and ask some questions on him too. Even to anyone in this world. On this day, I taught my tutee how to multiply digit numbers. Seeing those children in the orphanage with a big smile on their face gave me a great feeling. The tutees laughed a lot because of the funny tutors who did the story telling. I have learned more about the importance of trees to the environment during our tree planting activity.

We will write a custom sample essay on Nstp Reflection Paper Order now Every day I have the opportunity to learn and experience something new. I never expected that they will let us enter their homes. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. And when we got arrive in Dalahican one of our student gave us a lettersaying thank you for the time and the knowledge we share to themand that simple letter makes us touch all the hard workthe suffer in waking early in the morning just to attend in CWTS class is very worth it.

I left some instructions with my members who are not part of the said event. They laughed with their students and gave them activities as well.

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Also, garbage should be separated from biodegradable to non-biodegradable. Helping out and sharing the most that I can do for my young friends in NSTP through teachings, blessings, and my bond with them are the best lessons I carried with to rebuild as a better human being. And NSTP addresses the need for national program of youth development and mobilization for the task of nation building. This is why I said that poverty affects me a lot. I learned so many things in this serving experience. I learned so many things in this teaching experience. More essays like this:. New events and experiences will happen, but I am ready and open for that. I am now more aware of what is going around and how to make a difference in it. Seeing those children in the orphanage with a big smile on their face gave me a great feeling. Also, I learned much about the environment and know that whatever I learned will never be forgotten just that I should be able to apply the knowledge I have acquired.

Most of all, I learned how to socialize with other people, expose myself to the community and adopt their surroundings. It was actually the idea of helping which is weighing on my mind and heart right now.

I am glad that for over a short period of time, I am able to share my knowledge and gave my efforts to my fellow individuals. I have learned many things from the beginning of the lecture about the Rationale of Community Building, up to the last meeting about CWTS.

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After the project launching we start our programwe start looking for the children that will spend their time on learning new thingsand a place where we going to plant after that every saturday we are their in Dalahican for our project. Some even share their life to us, and their love story.

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