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Simpson : Sentenced to prison for 9 to 33 years.

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It was released in , months before he was arrested in Las Vegas for the attempted robbery. You've got to understand, this ain't somebody going to steal somebody's drugs or something like that. Also made an audio recording of events that was later used at trial. Can you send police here, please? Simpson were charged with: Count 1: Conspiracy to commit a crime Count 2: Conspiracy to commit kidnapping Count 3: Conspiracy to commit robbery Count 4: Burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon Count 5: 1st degree kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon for Bruce Fromong Count 6: 1st degree kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon for Alfred Beardsley Count 7: Robbery with use of a deadly weapon for Bruce Fromong Count 8: Robbery with use of a deadly weapon for Alfred Beardsley Count 9: Assault with a deadly weapon for Bruce Fromong Count Assault with a deadly weapon for Alfred Beardsley Count Coercion with a deadly weapon for Bruce Fromong as an alternative to count 5 Count Coercion with a deadly weapon for Alfred Beardsley as an alternative to count 6 Simpson's order to not allow anybody to leave the room was the reason for the kidnapping charges. Simpson did not enter a plea. Simpson alleged his counsel Yale Galanter did not tell him about alleged plea-bargain offers that would have resulted in substantially shorter sentences. Simpson had retreated to suburban Florida, where he lived relatively quietly until he wrote a book explaining how he would have committed the double murder had he been inclined to do so. As a result, Simpson was evicted from his Brentwood, California, mansion after reportedly defaulting on the mortgage, and he was forced to turn over many of his personal belongings, including sports memorabilia, his Heisman trophy and golf clubs. Interested in OJ Simpson? Simpson Robbery. Before the trial began, one prospective juror was dismissed after she told the court she "felt he got away with murder".

I told them I want big money. Ronald Goldman's father, Frederic Goldman, admitted that he had followed the proceedings this time "only generally" from his home in Phoenix. This is somebody going to get his private [belongings] back.

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Simpson attended a wedding as the best man in Las Vegas, Sept. Play Video OJ Simpson parole decision partly due to 'lack of previous convictions' — video On Thursday, Simpson was jovial and occasionally combative with the commissioners as he answered questions about the robbery, reiterating his position that he was simply trying to retrieve his possessions. In the room, McClinton pulled out a. Claiming that the memorabilia were stolen from him, Simpson, along with Riccio, devised a plan to confront the dealers and get them back. He is next up for parole on July Simpson instructed Galanter to go back to the DA with a counter-offer of one year, which the DA immediately refused; the trial proceeded with no further offers or counters. Riccio then informed Simpson of the items. Can you send police here, please? Grasso , Galanter's former friend and co-counsel, said the lawyer complained during the case that he did not have money to hire investigators or an expert to analyze a critical audio recording from the night of the heist.

Carried items out of the room. Alexander, McClinton, Ehrlich and Cashmore all accepted plea agreements to lesser charges in exchange for their testimony against Simpson at trial and did not serve any jail time.

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None of the jurors were black this time, a factor that could play into an appeal, his lawyers said. I told them I want big money. Riccio considers Simpson a friend, and brought Simpson to the room and escorted him and the memorabilia out. Four of the five men who accompanied Simpson to the casino - Charles Cashmore, Walter "Goldie" Alexander, Michael "Spencer" McClinton and Charles Ehrlich - accepted plea deals and agreed to testify for the prosecution. Times, Simpson brushed off the allegations saying, "I'm O. Sentenced to probation. The second Simpson was convicted, the lights went out, plunging the courtroom into darkness, and court security officers could be heard telling everyone to stay where they were. My football that I was holding in my arm when I rushed for 2, yards, the ring from my wife who died that I was going to give to my daughter.

Order Reprints Today's Paper Subscribe. On October 10,Simpson's attorneys, Yale Galanter and Gabriel Grasso, PC, moved for new trial trial de novo on grounds of judicial errors two jurors of the same race as Simpson were dismissed and insufficient evidence.

Simpson has served the minimum nine years of his year sentence for the robbery and could be released as early as 1 October, which is guaranteed to spark a media frenzy.

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Simpson said he told Galanter that if the suit he wore during his sensational s murder trial was included among the memorabilia, he planned to burn it, and Galanter responded: "You're not going to burn it, you're going to bring it to me. Sentenced to probation.

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He was acquitted by a member jury that included eight blacks after the defense implied that racist officials had planted or forged evidence. May 5, — Simpson appeals his conviction to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Presiding Justice of the Peace Joe M. A third suspect, Clarence Stewart, is arrested and charged with six felony counts similar to Walter Alexander.

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Parole hearing for O.J. Simpson's robbery sentence set for July 20