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It also shows the Shopping: Online vs. The article is written on 7th February by Mansi Citranshi. There are no huge crowds of people or tediously long queues. Pk, where you can select an item and compare it with similar items of other brands for specifications and prices. According to McKeown and Brocca , All this not only provides convenience to customers but also exposes them to a very huge market for buying the most appropriate item. I am convinced that online shopping is one of great innovations of people doing transaction as it reduces time and provides more options. Everything is simply a click away, whether it is groceries, air tickets, clothes or books. One such website is Compare. Customers and retailers are allowed to run business without limitation of geography and temporal barriers around world. An individual only has to log onto a particular website, add the items they want to purchase into their shopping Amazon: Online Shopping and Amazon.

We can do so many things by using internet. Since founding as an online bookseller, Amazon. Where the internet consumption rate is growing at a lightning speed the consumers are shifting from retail shopping to internet online shopping to save more time.

In my opinion internet shopping is a good and usefull invention. The issue is the impact of online shopping and what effects it has on businesses.

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Secondly, Another benefit is that buying things items on the internet serves unlimited choices provides you with a wide range of options. Take the biggest e-commerce in the word, eBay which provides wide varieties of products, for example. Siddharth Iyer 47 2.

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Online Shopping Essay