Overuse injuries

Microtraumas often cause swelling that you cannot see or feel to the touch, but they can cause tightness, discomfort, tenderness, and pain. The supervising physiotherapist will allow a return to action after identifying the cause and you are completely symptom-free.

Similarly, if several minor disruptions to this process occur in the form, for example, of microtraumascomplete healing and resolution of injury become progressively unlikely [ 10 ].

Exercise applies stress to the body. Shin splints Pain and tenderness over the shin area Excessive running, running on hard surfaces concreteand improper shoe wear often cause shin splints.

Keep it in the air for two seconds, then carefully lower it and relax your thigh muscles.

knee overuse injury

A piece of the cartilage in the knee, elbow, or ankle joint that separates from the joint surface. What causes overuse injuries? By working with your doctor, listening to your body and pacing yourself, you can avoid this common setback and safely increase your activity level.

overuse of muscles is called
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Overuse Injuries