Paul baumer character analysis all quiet

He sustains a fatal wound in the hip toward the end of the war. His alienation extends to his family. He is thin, even though he has the biggest appetite of all the men. Home, to him, brings just as much heartbreak as the front lines do.

A gigantic, burly man, Westhus was a peat-digger before the war. The longer that Paul survives the war and the more that he hates it, the less certain he is that life will be better for him after it ends. I was a soldier, and now I am nothing but an agony for myself, for my mother, for everything that is so comfortless and without end.

A peacetime cobbler, Kat has a knack for making shrewd trades and scrounging up food in seemingly impossible situations. His thought processes are continually pulled to and fro, from the romantic notions of war he learned in school to the horrific lessons he absorbs through war's random destruction of his friends.

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His desire to return to his farm becomes too great, and he deserts the army.

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All Quiet on the Western Front Characters