Promotion in 4p galaxy s3

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The level of price is found to positively affect behavioral intentions mainly because price establishes image of the brand in the eyes of the consumers Aaker, The country or area should have good network Eg: 3G, 4G, wireless connection to ensure optimal usage of Smartphone features. Let's take a look back at how the Galaxy S has changed over time to create that loyalty The original Samsung Galaxy S was released in the summer of and it has sold over 24 million units worldwide. Through the primary data collected, we hope to draw certain information through analysis on consumer behaviour on the purchase of smartphones. Main part: 3 main parts 5. All these help in understanding the pricing strategy in the Samsung marketing mix. Consumer Product Samsung smartphone is categorised as a Shopping Product. Samsung offers heavy discounts during national festivals.

Samsung corporation was founded in by Lee Byung Chul in Korea. Signal 2.

marketing mix of samsung pdf

But actually the nature of a product can be further explored in 3 levels. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 39 2 Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

Entertainment can also include things like social messaging with friends, facebook and networking. Concluding 4.

Promotion in 4p galaxy s3

In the smartphone industry, discount and allowance pricing adjustment strategy is commonly used. The rapid growth and success of Samsung are the reasons why our group chose this brand. Current users of Samsung are generally satisfied with the features and functions of the phone.

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(DOC) 4P's marketing mix of Samsung Galaxy S