Reaction paper on the movie airforce 1

This is rather retro stuff because absolutely nobody watching the movie knows or cares about Kazakhistan or its internal affairs.

Reaction paper on the movie airforce 1

Popular Blog Posts. You know that Gary Oldman plays the leader of a gang of terrorists who gain control of Air Force One as it's flying back home from Moscow. Sorta, sometimes. The movie is well-served by the quality of the performances. Be it handling difficult dilemmas or squaring up to monstrous evil, no one cuts it better in the action stakes than Ford: infusing all his stock in trade - stoic machismo, moral dignity, dyed in the wool decency - into the have-a-go politician. How about a Russian movie in which a group of murdering thugs tries to kidnap Vladimir Putin and they are called "American ultra-nationalists"? You know his wife and children are among the hostages--and that he has just vowed that America will never negotiate with terrorists.

A rogue group of Russians? The Fs counterattack the MiGs, but Air Force One sustains heavy damage; one MiG ruptures Air Force One's fuel tanks, causing the plane to lose fuel, and when one F pilot sacrifices himself to intercept a missileshrapnel from the resulting explosion damages Air Force One's tail controls, rendering landing impossible.

Advertisement Some of the special effects scenes are effective, but others are distracting.

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Albeit, violent and filthy-language laced, this movie will have you sitting on the edge of your seats! The President, by the way, is practically superhuman.

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Midflight, however, the plane is taken hostage by an extremist nationalist Russki faction, led by bearded baddie Kurshonov Oldman. He runs into problems because there is a mole onboard.

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He runs into problems because there is a mole onboard. Though all the tension, Bennett remains calm and collected, refusing to make risky or poor decisions. Marshall races back to lift his order, and Radek is subsequently killed attempting to flee custody. When there is time for only one more transfer, Gibbs reveals his true intentions, killing Caldwell and the para-jumper. Since the movie has no macro surprises, does it have any micro ones? As the actor described the first run-through, at the sound of the gunshots, he rose to his feet and sauntered over to the window to find out what was up. Popular Blog Posts. Numerous people are killed, including execution by a pistol discharge to the head. Happily, Air Force One fulfils all its early promise, delivering a well oiled, no-nonsense, supremely entertaining crowd pleaser. Certificate: 15 The potential is mouthwatering: director Wolfgang Petersen returning to the politically charged thriller genre he made his own with In The Line Of Fire; action icon Harrison Ford in the role he was clearly destined to play - a President of the USA who kicks arse; and a scenario that ups the ante on any Die Hard On A Plane variations by placing the most prominent world leader in dire jeopardy. It's an emergency, and the president needs to decide which two he should connect. The choices are green, yellow, red, white and blue. Advertisement Some of the special effects scenes are effective, but others are distracting. As with most actioners, the killjoys will find faults. When the president finally contacts the situation room and asks who has taken over Air Force One, the reply is, "A group of Russian ultra-nationalists.
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