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Education affects productivity in two critical ways. It rests mostly on individuals taking the responsibility to engage in life-long learning, making investments that will reward them handsomely.

Her country had incorporated those areas into its national action plan for children rights. Civil society can help spur more effective governance through partnerships that are crucial to stimulating innovation, participation, and empowerment.

Technological progress is not confined to computers and manufacturing or to science and medicine.

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A primary school in a village in north-eastern India has 55 students between the ages of four and Hope, in the form of a government meal grant, is on its way. Particular attention had been paid to children with disabilities and those without parental care. Iceland is now the 10th most educated country in the world, according to the index.

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At Akshara we believe that it will take a network of nonprofits and for-profits working across multiple verticals e. The ratio of girls to boys was steadily rising. I commend you — as students, teachers, and citizens — for your efforts and for the investments you are making. In the face of these challenges, it was difficult for his delegation to understand why priority should be given to the sexual and reproductive rights of children, as there were more basic rights that first needed to be addressed. Others taking the floor included observers from the International Organization for Migration and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, as well as representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Labour Organization. The representative of Ukraine, associating himself with the European Union Delegation, said that the Government undertook efforts to bring the national child protection legislation in full compliance with international and European standards by accessing relevant international treaties and adjusting and systematically reforming national laws on that matter. On the monetary policy front, the problems that developed in the housing sector and the subprime mortgage market in , along with further increases in the price of oil, led to successive downward revisions in the outlook for the economy. The direct benefit to the individual from education is substantial. The country has a percent literacy rate and spends around 2, euros 1,51, rupees per capita for education. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the median weekly earnings of college graduates in were 77 percent higher than the earnings of those with only a high-school diploma. To promote access to education for all children, free and compulsory primary education had been introduced since the academic year. In November , the parents of a sick child from the district had been detained on the occupation line. New Zealand ranks 6 in the education sector according to the Legatum index.

His country had harmonized the criminal code and national laws in line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. She encouraged Member States to reject that embargo once more in the Assembly.

Returning to my theme of economic and financial education, we believe it is important to enhance financial literacy so that consumers have more information and are able to make better decisions regarding their own financial well-being.

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Speech: Education and Economic Prosperity (April 16, )