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Genetic testing set for takeoff. Individuals who are placed in highly sensitive jobs and whose actions could detrimentally affect the safety of others e. There are five main ethical issues: autonomy, privacy, justice, equity and quality Knoppers, Chadwick The Human Genome Project: Under an international ethical microscope.

the genetics of addictions: uncovering the genes

She is old enough, mentally capable, and makes the decision of her own free will. While these studies do not indicate that genetics are the only factor in alcohol dependence, they do imply that genes create a vulnerability that can be affected by environment.

can drug use cause genetic disorders

On the other hand, a person is less vulnerable if they feel no pleasure from a drug that makes others euphoric. In this Arab nation, the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Globally, cigarette smoking kills 5. This information must be safeguarded and kept confidential so as not to be misused by insurance companies and employers.

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The National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA is currently supporting a major research effort to identify gene variations that make a person vulnerable to drug addiction. A policy should be created so that she has access to DNA testing under certain conditions: She has family members who are alcoholics or some other indicator of risk. Third, it will outline the scientific research and discoveries that have been made about alcoholism. Journal of Consulting and clinical Psychology. The first would establish guidelines concerning DNA testing. Today, many people seek genetic counseling to help them prevent or treat a variety of genetic disorders. If a DNA test had been available to him so that he had known of his vulnerability before he developed a problem with alcohol, maybe this tragedy could have been prevented. The World Health Organization has estimated that there are 2 billion alcohol users, 1. Individuals who have this defective gene are not symptomatic until they reach adulthood. And finally it will discuss the ethical implications of the genetics of alcoholism.
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