The importance of free speech on college campuses

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Rather than labeling dissenting views as hate speech or trigger warnings, colleges would better serve their students by emphasizing that a free society can only remain free if there is genuine respect for open thought and free expression.

The challenges associated with this balancing act came to a head August 11,when a white supremacist rally marched through the grounds of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

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Likewise, researchers and creative artists must be able to consider a range of possible approaches in highlighting and addressing challenges and problems.

The school president should have instead let the chapter form and recognize them as an official club on campus.

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They were seeking to form a chapter of Students for a Democratic Society SDSand identification would have entitled them to use campus facilities for meetings and use the campus bulletin board and the school newspaper. Second, and related to the issue of vagueness, the speech codes have been attacked successfully because they involve a regulation of either the content or viewpoint, not just its time, place and manner.

Although the Court has not directly limited academic freedom through the public-employee doctrine, it has constricted the rights of faculty at public institutions.

A college degree should ensure that anyone, regardless of major, has grappled with some of the difficult questions facing modern democracies and has some historical understanding of free expression in the United States. Nowhere is this more true than on college and university campuses.

Giving professors the option of giving trigger warnings seems much more reasonable. What are my rights on campus? Such speech would have been protected off campus and, therefore, it could not be excluded on campus, the judge found.

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How free should speech on campus be?