The prime minister essay

Prime Minister Shastri appointed T.

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All these and many more evils that I would like to eradicate if I become the Prime Minister. Of course, nine Prime Minister which India had tilleach one had his own character and qualities.

The prime minister essay

There will be dustbins everywhere and anyone who spits on the road will be fined. I will further ensure that technically sound young men should also find a place in the cabinet so that their expertise is used for the betterment of the country. Today the theory of Primus inter Pares is proving to be outdated and supra ministerial power of the Prime Minister is gaining more and more strength. Nanda today is. Each party issues whips on such important matters on which it feels that its members should be present. Different views have been fashionable at different times. But a peculiar situation was created when after the elections the House was not dissolved. Essay on the Prime Minister of India Article shared by : In this essay we will discuss about the prime minister of India. I also hope to succeed to that position one day, if I happen to outshine other students in studies and then manage to have numerous admirer who will elect me first a Member of Parliament. Nehru had gone out of his way to the maximum extent to bring him to the Rashtrapati Bhawan. I would see to it that the poor were able to lead a decent life.

Singh and Sachin Choudhry, in the cabinet, though by that time they were not well known on the political scene of the country. Then came John Major inand lost the vote in On 28th October,Prime Minister Indira Gandhi desired that in order to avoid unnecessary troubles in the House it would be better, if all controversial statements to be made on the floor of the House are sent to her first, so that these can be gone through, before these are actually made on the floor of the House.

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Pali, Dr. The President can also call for any information from the Prime Minister, and it shall be his duty to supply that to him.

Each Minister can see the President individually and discuss with him the affairs of his department but this he can do so only with the permission of the Prime Minister.

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Therefore, every Prime Minister selects only those colleagues for his cabinet who are his confidants and not likely to create problems for him.

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Essay on the Prime Minister of India