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It certainly makes more sense than John Wick taking place in any kind of reality. Andy abandons his toys like the Allies abandoned the Jews, Buzz's "sanctuary in the attic" is an Anne Frank reference, and then there's the incinerator at the end Image via Gramercy Pictures The rumor was that she accidentally died while trying to look for the fictional money of the movie, having misunderstood the satirical opening text. Reservoir Dogs The fan theory: The bank heist takes place on the same day that Jules and Vincent play out their story in Pulp Fiction. That would explain why the Genie makes so many current pop culture references. For the sake of this list, we say it does. Image via Film Arts Guild Truly this is a bizarre theory tucked inside an equally-bizarre film directed by E. But if you look closely, you'll notice there is only enough seats for the current group, meaning that Wonka knew they'd be minus two participants at that point. History[ edit ] French philosopher Henri Bergson 's Matter and Memory has been cited as anticipating the development of film theory during the birth of cinema. Ferris Bueller Is a Split Personality of Cameron Ferris Bueller and Cameron are two sides of the same coin: one's confident, carefree, and unscrupulous, while the other is meek, stressed, and beholden to his ungrateful father. Plus, the time frame more or less would match up with Connery first appearing in Dr. The way Civil War led into Infinity Wars, so could this storyline lead us into the next big spectacle. One very possible direction partially thanks to a certain merger orbits around the newly-introduced Skrull aliens, who possess the ability to take the form of whoever they please. Is Secretly A Jedi He levitates objects at will, psychically links with children, and is a shriveled and monk-like figure. Theory: The reason the Dursleys are so mean to Harry is because he is a Horcrux and that evil poison has been affecting them for years.

Image via Lionsgate It makes all the sense. Does the theory hold up once you get into the details? Director Paul Verhoeven validates this theory. So how do we explain that?

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A particularly friendly ghost, at that. Although a majority of these theories are far-fetched, there are quite a few that make the movie they're about feel more relatable and understandable. It's a stretch, but we like it all the same. I still want a Big Kahuna Burger. Much like how infinite monkeys banging on typewriters will eventually churn out Shakespeare, an internet plethora of fan theories about popular films inevitably produces a few gems. It certainly makes more sense than John Wick taking place in any kind of reality. Not only does it explain why telling people his name doesn't endanger himself or reveal much about his identity, it also explains why he hasn't aged a day between "Dr. A more expanded version of this theory adds that the magic carpet isn't actually magic, it's futuristic hover technology. Perhaps those little Newsies kids were also dead. The brilliantly over-the-top Nicolas Cage action movie about a group of soldiers holing up on Alcatraz and holding San Francisco to ransom is not without its charms. Wonka knew what was going to happen all along. So, the magic discovered in Brave is the basis for superheroes to be possible in The Incredibles and toys to be sentient in Toy Story, for example. Image via Miramax While this would explain his desire for the case and the eerie glow that emanates within, it turns out that the original script simply identified the treasure as diamonds. Well it turns out that Sandler just loves to reference the same names and characters in his films, creating a web of crossovers in a world seemingly overrun by dudes who all look like him.

And then is resurrected in the next 50 minutes, and then is like the supercop of the world. Why is he called John Mason though?

The theories from the movie of

We could have told you this one ourselves. Think again. Perhaps those little Newsies kids were also dead.

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13 Crazy Theories About Movies That Will Change the Way You Watch Them Forever