The things ive learned from my english class

how english class helped me

I really enjoyed going through his plays line-by-line, with my teacher explaining the hidden meanings and jokes behind what the lines. I learned just how much work and planning need to be done in order to become a good landscaper from my shadowing experience with my current assistant supervisor here at Alvernia.

We always read and answered a little bit at a time, and discussed what we'd just read before we moved on to the next set of reading and questions.

essay about my english class

Uncover new sources by reviewing other students' references and bibliographies Inspire new perspectives and arguments or counterarguments to address in your own essay Read our Academic Honor Code for more information on how to use and how not to use our library.

Throughout the semester in EnglishI have written and read many ideas that I believe will help me in my future college courses and in life. I don't think, "O.

what i learned this semester

I thought she did a great job of mixing up class activities, to give us a variety of ways to experience and respond to literature - oral presentations where students would teach the rest of the class about some aspect of American history relevant to the text we were reading, reading a book and then comparing film and drama interpretations of it, creating our own works in the style of what we were reading, etc - in addition to requiring a number of formal essays.

At this point in the class, we are just beginning to start group work for our big final project and in my opinion all is well.

But I still like my fictions to be believable, and my criticism to be more than smoke.

The things ive learned from my english class

Now it made sense! To protect the anonymity of contributors, we've removed their names and personal information from the essays. And much of clear writing isn't talent; it's taught. She loans me things, reads my draft novels and I keep her updated on my accomplisments and frustrations. People were excited to show up for class everyday. That is a skill I use all the time. She was not our friend and unlike the ninth-grade English teacher who led Spirit Club never functioned as an advisor. You got an action movie? What makes you cringe?

You got an action movie? It helps me feel more confident while giving presentations because frankly, I now have a lot of experience. Basically, tell kids when they're good.

Lessons learned in english class

Sitting up in front of a panel of my classmates conducting an interview helped me communicate tremendously. These are the things that I learned throughout the semester. It had a huge impact on my writing and marked a time when my work and my writing practices went through dramatic improvements. We didn't just read things, we dissected them. Now, my goal is to write better papers. I have come prepared to class with my assignments on their due dates, as well as anything else needed for that day. But this comment did two things for me. But my classmate had written a mesmerizing stream-of-consciousness piece that sounded like something out of a dream. One more than one occasion it was " The Bricklayer ," a hairy old tall tale that was in those days propagated by fax. Attendance is one of many things that helps other see you as a professional. We studied Freud and Jung and the collective unconscious, and learned about how everything is about sex. I had no interested in becoming a teacher. I'm a better human being because of her.

I pretty much had E.

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