Write a system of linear inequalities that models this situation

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Graphing the regions together, you find the following: And represented just as the overlapping region, you have: Answer The region in purple is the solution.

If you missed this problem, review Figure Determine Whether an Ordered Pair is a Solution of a System of Linear Inequalities The definition of a system of linear inequalities is very similar to the definition of a system of linear equations.

Authored by: James Sousa Mathispower4u. System of Linear Inequalities Two or more linear inequalities grouped together form a system of linear inequalities. The ordered pair 3,1 made one inequality true, but the other one false.

So this is the total amount of flour that she is going to use and this has to be less than or equal to grams.

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So that's it. So how much sugar she's gonna use for the cupcakes? So this has to be greater than or equal. Well, that's going to be 30 grams of sugar per muffin.

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Writing systems of inequalities word problem (video)