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They believed that objects, natural phenomena and even the universe have their own soul. They perfume the horns of the cattle to ask for forgiveness that they had uses them for their work for the whole year.

Crowds of people wait outside with lighted incense sticks in their hands while monks perform rituals inside. The fifteen day, Ben Thom, is the special day when all families bring overflowing baskets of flowers, and children offer food, sticky rice cake and presents to the monks.

When the dedication is made, the food will be yours to eat. The meals are served mainly at dawn because the Khmer believe that ghosts cannot take in food during the day because of their grave sins.

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During this period, the gates of hell are opened and ghosts of the dead preta are presumed to be especially active. However, when the spirits find the food of their living relatives, they will bless their relatives with happiness.

Since the Cambodians do not know whether their gifts help their ancestors to be better, this ritual happens every year.

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Jayavarman VII ordered that all people celebrate Kan Ban to commemorate the merits of a deceased relative. Early in the morning, around a. The king was a strong advocate of Buddhism and he realized that the monks met heavy rain, thunderstorms, lightning and winds and fell down on the muddy paths again and again.

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Cambodian holidays: Pchum Ben