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Good luck! It's been great to travel with compared to my ThinkPad and even my AirBook. I have found that doing a project in any given software is the best way to learn it. I used to write in Word.

Good to hear, Eric and Felix! And with the launch of Android apps, there are actually some legitimately good options now for simple photo edits. In order to view the details, you have to open up two Word files next to each other.

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AutoCAD AutoDesk has done a great job at taking its software that has been popular for vector drawing in traditional software and adopting it for Chrome OS. I can write half a sentence on the Chromebook, shut it down, open the document on my tablet or phone, and type the rest of the sentence. I'm an author of non-fiction and currently have ten books on Amazon Books. Do you start working on an outline? I can much more easily read and edit in the living room instead of making a decision to go to my office which oftentimes means I don't bother. Thanks for doing the research on these extensions and presenting them so clearly. The app lets you combine photos, texts and images for making a brochure, graphic or another file that can later be polished off in PhotoShop or InDesign. And while there can be a difference in how your browser displays websites, all browsers follow similar rules. Now I am working on two more books using LibreOffice Writer and like it very much. Either open it and press the convert button, or just copy-paste it in. I can forward my email address if you prefer to answer me privately. Question: I read that you can't run the Word app on a screen bigger than In , you can share the document by inviting them, to read or edit, and it tells you if they are editing in real time -highlighting the words they are typing etc. I've been skeptical about using this Chromebook I just bought it because I wouldn't be able to download proper writing software and I didn't really like using Google docs when I was in school. Good novel writing software should make saving those details easier for you.

Okay, then in sequence; you copy and paste in a single doc after? For the computer adventurous Specifically built for novel writing Unlike Scrivener, Novelize is designed to help fiction authors write their novels.

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We like to keep Novelize simple. Hey Stirling — yes, pages might be making it work a little hard.

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The Best Apps and Tools for Chromebooks